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**NEW CLASS** BYCV Barre BURN!! It’s HOT, it’s INTENSE and it’s only 45 MINUTES long! Fridays at 12pm.
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Bikram yoga is the Original Hot Yoga. Each 90 minute class consists of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, practiced in a room heated to 40° C and 40% humidity. The heat and humidity help you to stretch deeply, easing the muscles and joints into the postures, allowing you to maximize the benefits from the postures quickly and safely, all the while encouraging detoxification though the skin as you sweat. It is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. Just do what you can and take it at your own pace. Don't forget to bring a towel or for your mat and one for you!

BYCV Barre is a barre-based fitness class that uses a combination of postures inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates to improve posture, muscle definition, weight loss, increase flexibility and reduce stress. The ballet barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. Light handheld weights and balls are also used to help "bring the burn" during all those reps. Expect to be on the floor (using mats) for targeted core work. Practiced in a warm room, each class is 60 minutes long.

Hot HIIT is a training system combining Heat, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Pilates principles. Through muscle toning and cardio, in a room heated to around 35°C, each 60 minute class cre­ates long lean mus­cle mass while burning fat, with rapid results. It cre­ates a stronger core, improves cir­cu­la­tion, and increases flex­i­bil­ity. It is per­formed on a yoga mat mak­ing it low impact, pro­tect­ing your joints and mus­cles, unlike the pound­ing of other exer­cises like run­ning and jumping. It is a full body workout paired up with up-beat music, through which you will gain health, flexibility and train your muscles to work together; which will lead to weight loss, good posture and strength throughout your body. We recommend apparel similar to what you would wear to a Bikram Yoga class and that you eat and hydrate in a similar manner. As with Bikram Yoga, bring a towel or for your mat and one for you!

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