All of our Bikram Yoga teachers have been certified by Bikram himself, having successfully completed an intensive 9 week training program encompassing the following:

  • Practicing 2 classes per day
  • Passing a basic Anatomy Course
  • Participating in daily posture clinics
  • Attending a wide variety of lectures from health care professionals such as, MDs, NDs, and Chiropractors

Currently we have thirteen certified Bikram yoga teachers, each with their own unique teaching style and knowledge base which helps to make every class a new experience!

Iain Sharp David Milanovich Kathleen Brett Sophia McCarty
Sandy Overman Iain Sharp Natasha Milanovich David Milanovich Kathleen Brett Sophia McCarty
Stefanie Rasila Emily Burke Dianne CJ
Stefanie Rasila Emily Burke Glen Olson Dianne Mitchell CJ Hird Lori Gelson
Mary Lee Lorraine Olson MJ Pedersen Suzanne Slattery


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