Waiver of liability

Before attending class at Bikram Yoga Comox Valley, we require that all students 18 years of age or older, sign a waiver releasing BYCV of ALL liability while on the premises. Students younger then 18 years of age, must have a legal guardian or parent sign the form on their behalf.

Rabbit pose


In accordance with B.C. Sales regulations you may receive a full refund on products or services within 10 days of purchase, provided you have a valid receipt and the item or service is unused.


If you are ill, injured, or posted out of town with the military or your job, we do offer complimentary extensions to allow you to fully utilize your pass. Extensions are granted on a case by case scenario, please e-mail us at: comoxvalleybikramyoga@gmail.com, we will review your request and contact you within 5 business days.

Lost and Found

We cannot be held responsible for left or lost items at the studio. Please remove all of your belongings before you leave the building. If you do happen to forget something please contact us immediately with your name and a detailed description of the item so that we can put it aside for you if found. All unclaimed items are washed and donated to the Salvation Army on a regular basis.

Green and Clean

We use natural/biodegradable products to keep our space clean. ALL plastic, paper and water bottles are re-cycled. Please place your used bottles in the re-cycling bin provided.

Mat Cleaning

For your convenience we provide a Natural mat cleaner made from Tea Tree oil, it is 100% non toxic and biodegradable. We do ask that you wait at least 5 minutes after the end of class before cleaning your mat and avoid spraying other students in the process, to allow everyone a peaceful undisturbed Savasana.

Rules of the Room

  • Once in the room please maintain silence unless you’re doing BYCV Barre or Hot HIIT
  • Please be respectful of the teacher
  • No cellphones or pagers unless medical personnel
  • No glass bottles for safety reasons (except for bkr or other silicone wrapped bottles)
  • Try to stay in the room
  • If you feel unwell or overwhelmed please lie down until it passes
  • If necessary, please wipe the floor around your mat using the towels provided in the room, to avoid slipping
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