Weight loss – Before and After

Trevor and Linden collectively lost 150 LBS over the course of one year practicing Bikram’s Yoga regularly. Read more.

Back Issues

For the past decade, I mountain bike five hours a week, have played squash for thirty years, road bike ride, ski, kayak, Snow to Surf etc. In all this time there have been no serious injuries except a tennis elbow surgery 30 years ago. But I ended up with a tight, inflexible body and a perennial bad back which laid me up two or three times a year and kept my chiropractor and physician in business. Read more.

I started BikYo last August. I’d started doing some form of yoga in my early 20s (almost 30 years ago now) when a friend suggested it as a way to deal with chronic lower back issues that had been bugging me since I was a kid. But life got in the way (kids, work, etc) and my practice had lapsed. Read more.

Old Injuries

I don’t trip and fall on the sidewalk anymore. I have had previous dealings with yoga when the Asana Room was in Cumberland. I feel that yoga in what ever form provides me with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities that I strive for in my life. I am thankful that Bikram is available and would urge anyone to take a membership and give it a chance. Read more

The first time I ever did Bikram Yoga (or any yoga!) was your opening weekend last March and I was hooked. I knew I wasn’t flexible but I thought I was strong (I cross-country ski, bike, hike and run) – hah! I was quickly humbled. Thanks to Bikram Yoga I am stronger now than I have ever been AND I am becoming more flexible every month. But even better, an old ski injury I have had for several years is finally completely healing. I LOVE this yoga! I am totally addicted! – Dale Marie Young

This is what yoga has done for me. Approximately 5 years ago, I had a fall in the Toronto Airport en route for a Caribbean cruise. I grazed my right hand and left knee. So, superficial wounds, they healed and that was that. Or so I thought. It wasn’t until I got back home some 2 weeks later that my back started to bother me. I went to doctor after doctor to find out what was wrong, almost forgetting about the fall. Read more.

Emotional Well-being

Over the past 20 years, I have tried every type of yoga I can get my hands on via taking in-person classes and listening to CDs and watching videos. I can honestly say that I love every kind of yoga I have tried from the slow, meditative kind called ‘yin yoga’ where you hold postures for roughly seven minutes to the more vigorous flowing dance-like series called ‘ashtanga’. But the one type of yoga that I prefer the most (and have practised for over six years now at least three times a week) is Bikram’s hot yoga. Read more.

In the Heat of the Moment

I initially started Bikram yoga when Natasha operated out of Fitness Excellence. The first time I went to a class I almost burst out laughing when we did the warm up breathing exercise known as pranayama breathing. The whole class seemed too “spiritual” for me. I tried a few times but I was too busy running, doing spin classes and weights to fit yoga into my fitness routine. And so after a few lame attempts I quit attending. I saw yoga as just a way to stretch but I never thought it could replace everything else I did for exercise. Read more.

In August my mom passed away quite unexpectedly. She and I were very close and now my world has changed forever. My doctor had suggested I take some time off work to take care of myself. I had experienced Yoga many years ago so knew that I needed to seek it out again to help me re-balance my emotional self and get re-connected so that I could feel joyful again and appreciate what life has given me. Read more.

Hi Natasha, here’s my reasoning for doing yoga. Doing yoga regularly has lowered my tolerance to alcohol. Now I buy less beer. The combined expense of yoga classes + less beer is probably less than no yoga + more beer. Yoga saves me money. – Chester Cotter

Car Accident

In October 2005 I was in a violent car crash, a head on collision with another vehicle. I was taken in an ambulance to the hospital and was unable to walk for a week and unable to sit up or walk without pain for 5 weeks or so afterward. After much physiotherapy, I was still unable to get massage due to the pain in my muscles, but I had stopped progressing in my healing.  Read more.

Skin Rash

Just over five years ago I had this strange, horribly itchy rash appear on my shin that was later diagnosed as chronic eczema. Unlike previous eczema outbreaks, I have been plagued with this rash every day since the day it appeared and none of the high dose of steroid ointments I was prescribed did much. I remember my very first Bikram class right during the first forward bend I noticed my rash scaling over like a dead fish and before the standing series was over my rash was oozing this opaque, white sweat. Gross! Read more.

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